General settings of the CAME ZA2 control board.

ZA2 data sheet

Connector wiring.

L1, L2 - Mains input

U, W, V Motor 1

X, W, Y Motor 2

W, E flashing light output (240v)

0, 1 24VAC

1, 2 stop (NC)

2, 3 open (NO)

2, 4 close (NO)

1, 5 gate open (24vac output for status lamp)

2, 7 radio or other input, push button for example (NO)

2, C1 photo-cells (NC) this is the terminal normally used for photo-cells or other safety devices

2, C2 photo-cells (NC)

2, C3 photo-cells (NC)

1, S output for electric lock, not normally used

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